Non-geared, Turntable-Slewing Ring Bearing, ATO Square Cross Section Style (Ref. MTO)

AT-050 and 065 onlyATO-122 and larger






Item #
OD-Outside Diameter
H-Total Height
H(i)/H(o)-Individual Ring Height
BCI-Bolt Center Dia. Inner
# holes - Inner
Hole Type - Inner
BCO-Bolt Center Dia. Outer
# holes - Outer
Hole Type - Outer
Moment Load Capacity
Reference Industry
Part Number
ATO-0501.968 in4.331 in.787 in.728 in2.480 in8.260 thru3.818 in8.260 thru830 Ft-lbs2 lbsMTO-050
ATO-050T1.968 in4.331 in.787 in.728 in2.480 in8M63.818 in8M6830 Ft-lbs2 lbsMTO-050T
ATO-0652.559 in5.315 in.866 in.787 in3.149 in8.354 in4.724 in8.354 thru1,330 Ft-lbs4 lbsMTO-065
ATO-065T2.559 in5.315 in.866 in.787 in3.149 in8M84.724 in8M81,330 Ft-lbs4 lbsMTO-065T
ATO-1224.803 in8.898 in1.339 in1.142 in5.512 in12.354 thru8.189 in12.354 thru5,020 Ft-lbs13 lbsMTO-122
ATO-122T4.803 in8.898 in1.339 in1.142 in5.512 in12M88.189 in12M85,020 Ft-lbs13 lbsMTO-122T
ATO-1435.630 in9.803 in1.339 in1.142 in6.496 in12.433 thru8.937 in12.433 thru8,950 Ft-lbs15 lbsMTO-143
ATO-143T5.630 in9.803 in1.339 in1.142 in6.496 in12M108.937 in12M108,950 Ft-lbs15 lbsMTO-143T
ATO-1455.709 in11.811 in1.968 in1.732 in6.890 in16.562 thru10.630 in16.562 thru26,000 Ft-lbs37 lbsMTO-145
ATO-145T5.709 in11.811 in1.968 in1.732 in6.890 in165/8/201110.630 in165/8/201126,000 Ft-lbs37 lbsMTO-145T
ATO-145X5.709 in12.286 in1.968 in1.732 in6.890 in16.594 thru10.630 in16.594 thru30,600 Ft-lbs41 lbsMTO-145X
ATO-1706.693 in12.205 in1.811 in1.614 in7.874 in12.512 thru11.024 in12.512 thru16,520 Ft-lbs33 lbsMTO-170
ATO-170T6.693 in12.205 in1.811 in1.614 in7.874 in12M1211.024 in12M1216,520 Ft-lbs33 lbsMTO-170T
ATO-2108.268 in14.370 in1.575 in1.496 in9.449 in20.562 thru13.190 in16.562 thru44,500 Ft-lbs38 lbsMTO-210
ATO-210T8.268 in14.370 in1.575 in1.496 in9.449 in205/8/201113.190 in165/8/201144,500 Ft-lbs38 lbsMTO-210
ATO-210X8.268 in14.686 in1.968 in1.732 in9.449 in20.594 thru13.190 in16.594 thru52,100 Ft-lbs48 lbsMTO-210X
ATO-26510.433 in16.535 in1.968 in1.732 in11.614 in24.562 thru15.354 in18.562 thru62,000 Ft-lbs54 lbsMTO-265
ATO-265T10.433 in16.535 in1.968 in1.732 in11.614 in245/8/201115.354 in185/8/201162,000 Ft-lbs54 lbsMTO-265T
ATO-265X10.433 in17.086 in1.968 in1.732 in11.614 in24.594 thru15.354 in18.594 thru71,900 Ft-lbs61 lbsMTO-265X
ATO-324T12.750 in20.486 in2.062 in2.022 in14.375 in205/8/201118.875 in205/8/2011102,400 Ft-lbs105 lbsMTO-324
ATO-324X12.750 in20.486 in2.062 in2.022 in14.375 in20.688 thru18.875 in20.688 thru102,400 Ft-lbs105 lbsMTO-324X
- 4-Pt contact design reacts radial, axial and moment loads
- Sealed and Lubricated with Extreme Pressure 1 grease
- Applications include: lifts, hoists, truck mounted cranes,
aerial towers, industrial tables and positioners,
material handling equipment and conveyors, robots
- Contact us concerning custom features